Most people in the Anaheim area experience a rat or mouse invasion at some point. Mice and rats are are known for getting into homes and creating big families. Ideally, you want to get to the rats and mice before this can happen.

We know that having them in your home is embarrassing. Your friends will make assumptions about your cleaning habits by looking at the fact that you have rodents.

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Rat Exterminator

The challenging thing about them is that they often like to remain hidden in places where people won’t easily find them. Rodents are experts at staying hidden and establishing their nests. Some people like to trap their rats themselves. This is a viable option, but we know that many people don’t want to deal with the hassles and are disgusted with the thought of picking up the dead ones.

In the off-chance that you do notice a mouse or rat, there’s a high likelihood that more are hiding elsewhere in the home. Although, there is no need to be concerned. Despite discovering them, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your error. Rats are notorious for squeezing through the smallest of spaces, even crevices and cracks. Safeguarding against ever having them invade your property, means an examination of all areas around the home where they could be obtaining entry into your home. Spaces such as the open spaces around your windows and doors, crevices in the attic, basement and even crawl spaces should be looked at. The next time you speculate how they entered your home consider that mice can squeeze through a nickel-sized hole and rats through a hole the size of half of a quarter. When you notice a little hole you need to act immediately and seal or fix it. We will let you know the potential entry points use when we come investigate your current rat problem.

Mouse Exterminator

One of our rodent control professionals can take care of your rat or mouse problem in a clean and hassle-free fashion. Our exterminator will come to your property or home to assess the situation and then determine the optimal method of mouse removal. Pick up the phone and call (714) 503-0852 right away to schedule an inspection.

If you have concerns, please do not be afraid to ask us. We will gladly help! Be sure to also ask about the various types of extermination plans we provide.