Battling German Cockroach

Did you see a roach in your home? Or maybe you are worried that you’re going to end up with them due to a neighbor’s pest problem. Regardless, we can definitely help you protect your family and property from harmful roaches. The worst part is that roaches will adapt to any environment they are in so even if your home is clean, it’s still at risk. Residents or buildings that are close to other properties and structures are at risk should a neighbor become infested with roaches. Having a protection plan in place is your safest bet to protect against the roaches.

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Where there’s one, there’s more. They live in your walls so you may not see that you have a problem. Call our technician right away at (714) 503-0852 and make your home safe again.

We can battle your unwanted roach issue and help you get ultimate relief. Of course, there are some things you want to be aware of if you don’t want to be inviting these disease-carrying pests into your home.

Getting Rid of Cockroach

  • Fix any water leaks you may have but haven’t gotten around to fixing. Roaches need a reliable water source to stay in an environment.
  • Vacuum, sweep or mop your floors regularly. The smallest of food crumbs are invitations for many pests, not just roaches.
  • Take out your trash regularly. Don’t let it build up and use trash cans with lids if you have to store it until trash day. This will make it harder for pests to notice or discover the trash.
  • Wipe your kitchen counters every night and don’t leave food or dirty dishes out overnight. Keep any food stored on the counter in a sealed container to keep roaches out.
  • Don’t leave pet food bowls out at night.

Deny the Roaches Easy Entrance Into Your Property

In Anaheim, almost any hole or crack in your residence could be a spot where roaches could enter. If you want to try to eliminate this issue yourself you’ll spend too much time and turn out unhappy with the result. The substance we employ to remove roaches is a lot more effective than what you’ll be able to purchase inside a store.

Call Our Exterminators Today!

Nobody should live with a cockroach problem for any length of time. They’re a health hazard and cause you to feel the same effects of food poisoning in addition to diarrhea. They’ll contaminate every surface in your home which puts you and your family at risk. Don’t delay – contact us at (714) 503-0852 today and we’ll provide a cost-free estimate and set up your service.