Looking for Expert Bed Bug Control?

There’s not a single person that wants them coming into their home. Regardless of where you live it’s beneficial to be on the lookout for them so you can avoid a serious issue later down the road. Many times bug problems get to be so bad for a person is that they’ve stayed hidden so long that they’ve been able to continue multiplying and infesting the property, unnoticed. And it’s reasonable that you might not notice them right away if you aren’t actively looking for them.

Take Action Right Away Against Them

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Bed bugs suck your blood, usually as you sleep. Call (714)503-0852 to remove bed bugs immediately.

Unlike other insects, you can’t just forget about bed bugs and wait for them to go away on their own. As soon as a infestation begins, they will multiply quickly and won’t go away until you call an Anaheim exterminator to come handle the problem.

The bigger problem that many people don’t see is that the longer you delay treatments for them the more it will cost to treat them. Not to mention the hassle and frustration that you might experience because they can be a very disruptive pest, interfering with your typical daily routine.

How Bed Bugs Feed

They suck your blood, usually as you sleep. They will prick your skin with a sharp piece from their jaw. This sharp piece is called a stylet. Once they stick this stylet into your skin they also release saliva which contains a numbing agent. This numbing agent is why people typically don’t realize they’re getting bit. It can feel like a pin-prick which many people won’t grow alarmed at. So once they have pierced your skin it will ┬ápenetrate the flesh to find blood vessels to feed on. They usually feed on blood for five minutes before returning to their hiding location.

So Where Are They Hiding?

This is very important to know if you suspect them in your home. Obviously, like their name, they definitely like to hide in beds. Your mattress, box springs, frame, covers, pillowcases – these small little pests will hide in crevices and seams and any small place where you won’t notice them easily.

Behind your wall outlets is also another common place to find them; typically when an infestation is present. Any furniture near the bed is also at risk for becoming a prime hiding spot for them. Your curtains, wall decor; everything becomes the perfect place for them to hide.

Is There a Chance I Have Bed Bugs?

If you’re unsure if it’s bed bugs that may be causing your problems there are some particular signs of them that aren’t common with other pests. They include:

  • Dark spots on your bedding or mattress/box spring – this is blood, the fecal matter of them.
  • Egg casings – you’ll typically find these along the seams of your mattress or wherever they are hiding out the most.
  • You awaken with bites – fleas are another common pest that can bite during the night but fleas are typically noticeable at all times of the day. Bug bites can cause swelling, redness and itching, like fleas can. The best way to determine if this is the only problem you’re having, is through an inspection from one of our pest control technicians.

Call On Our Qualified Bed Bug Control Exterminators

If you are convinced you’ve got a bed bug dilemma, then you need to take action right away. Our Anaheim bed bug control pros are willing to answer your questions. Just give us a call today at (714)503-0852 to receive a hassle-free quote and book your consultation!