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We don’t think there is a single individual who desires having them in their home. Best Anaheim Pest Control can help. They are annoying insects that typically invade in high numbers, making them even more troublesome and harder to eradicate. ┬áThe key to efficient control is using the right treatment for the right kind of ant.

DIY vs. Professional Ant Poison

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There are lots of products available to you right now that kill them. And while many work, not every person will be successful. You may not realize that these products specify the type of it they’re effective on. So you could be using a product meant for a completely different kind than the kind in your home. This will prove to be a very unsuccessful, and probably frustrating, attempt on your part to exterminate them.

Our company can come out and treat your property to start battling the ants invading your property. Our exterminators are dedicated to providing quality services at all times and are well qualified to help with other pests you may be dealing with.

Black and Sugar Ants

Sugar ones, otherwise known as Pharaoh type, are common, unwanted pests around the Anaheim region and we have taken care of many households recently for Pharaoh type. Most breeds that like to invade your home or business are typically harmless. But they can be infuriating and annoying because of their small size. Not to mention they typically show up in massive numbers as opposed to just a single one.

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